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LineKeeper Brand Spool Tamer (3 pack)

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Line Keeper spool tamer keeps your fishing line, monofilament, or light wire spools tidy! Adjusts to fit any size line or leader spool. This product is the only spool tamer on the market that is adjustable. As you use line from your spool you can adjust the Line Keeper to fit the remaining line.

You will always know where the end of your line is. When you need line you pull off as much as you need and cut. Leave about 2-3 inches after cutting and you're ready to use as needed again. No more time wasting messy un-spooling!

  • Eliminates loose line coming off spool.
  • Replaces rubber bands that don't last in the sun.
  • No more searching for the end of your line.
  • Reduces downtime and mess.
  • The only Adjustable one on the market.
  • Fits all size leader & line spools. 100% adjustable.

Package Dimensions: ‎9"L x 6"W x 1"H
Package Weight: ‎2 Ounces
Material: ‎Elastic band w/plastic coupler
Manufacturer: ‎Line Keeper Products, USA